Magix’z Pomeranians (Trish Berger) & ___________have agreed to breed the following two dogs:

Dogs Registered Name: 

Dogs AKC:  # 

Bitch’s Registered Name:

Bitches AKC: #


Natural Breeding - the bitch must have a brucellosis test done prior to the mating and a copy of the report must be supplied to the owner of the stud dog. Medical care during the breeding time for any veterinary procedures, reproductive services or medical care costs will be incurred and responsibility of bitch owner.  Initial______

Shipped Semen - the owner of the bitch is responsible for all costs related to collecting and shipping the semen. This includes, but is not limited to, vet costs for collection, shipping materials & fees. Initial_____

Under certain circumstances, AI may be necessary even if the stud and bitch are on the same premise, bitch owner will be given the option of paying for an AI to be performed at the stud owners’ vet office or by the stud owner herself. Bitch owner understands the bitch determines the litter size. Owner of stud can provide a semen analysis at bitch owner expense.


Stud fee is $______, paid in full with cash, any other form of payment needs to clear prior to service.  Magix’z Poms has the option to purchase a first pick puppy if owner of bitch is not keeping, second pick otherwise. Show quality for the amount of $______ the selection being made when the puppies are 8-10 weeks of age. Should Magix’z Poms decide to purchase a puppy, there will be no obligational contracts attached to the pick puppy by Magix’z Poms.

A litter is defined as one live puppy at birth. In the case of no live births a return service to the same bitch with the same stud will be offered, expenses for service paid by bitch owner.

The owner of the bitch must notify the stud dog owner when the litter is born.

If the bitch owner decides not to breed the same bitch or use another stud dog on her next season, this contract would be null and void; the stud owner will not owe the bitch owner a repeat breeding or obligated to return any of the stud fee paid.  

If the owner of the bitch neglects or unable to provide proper veterinary care to the pup or puppies which results in death of any of the pups, stud owner retains the right to refuse a repeat breeding and not obligated to refund stud fees or expenses incurred.

Bitch owners' responsibility to keep the bitch away from other males after she is bred, stud owner assumes no responsibility and won't be obligated to a repeat breeding should a accidental breeding occur after the bitch is bred.


To protect the integrity and preserve the pedigree of the stud, no puppies may be sold on full registrations other than puppies kept by owner of bitch or stud owner. Bitch owner will provide a copy of pet puppy purchase contract to the stud owner.   Second generation puppies from these offspring are available on full registration.

 Non-disparagement, the bitch owner understands that 50% of a puppy’s genetics comes from the sire and 50% comes from the dam. Both the bitch owner and stud owner agree that neither one shall directly or indirectly, public or private, oral or written, disparages the Sire or Dam owners breeding programs or dogs named above.

This contract is entered in to with good faith by both sire and dam owners. Any additional or special agreements shall be noted on this contract and signed by both parties to be valid. This contract supersedes any other written or oral agreements and by signing this document both parties understands fully the contractual terms specified and agrees to abide by all the terms. The stud and bitch owners agree this legal and binding agreement will be governed by the laws in the State of Michigan and may not be altered, modified or rescinded unless agreed to in writing by the owner of the stud and bitch. Breech of this contract will result in legal action being taken in court in Saint Clair County, Michigan. Any fees required to uphold this contract is incurred by bitch owner.

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Telephone No.: _____________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________


 Stud Owner's Signature: _________________________________Date: ____________

Bitch Owner's Signature: ________________________________Date: ____________

Amendments & Breeding data

Type of breeding selected__________________________________________________

Date performed__________________________________________________________

Expected Whelp Date______________________________________________________

Number of Pups Born______________________________________________________

Placement Data__________________________________________________________