Thank you for your interest in owning a Pomeranian from Magix'z!

If you would like to be considered for ownership of one of my Pomeranians,

please begin the process by reading my purchase contract and filling out the questionnaire below.

I always try to find the best possible home and environment for each based on their personality and activity level. ..

I only have a few poms available per year. The decisions I make in their short time with me

determines the life they will have.

Receive many wonderful applications and wish I had pups for each of them. 

But my decision is based on the lifestyle that best suits each Pom.

Please read my contract (each pup will have one identical, except with their information) 

and make sure you are willing to abide by the terms before filling out the questionnaire below.

Located in Memphis, MI. No shipping - Pick-up only at final interview. 

Please only submit application on pups currently listed as available.


Client Questionnaire